SaiSuke for iPhone Release History



V2.15 6-14-2013

  • Added Timeline mode to Portrait direction of Week view
  • Added settings for List view mode
  • Added setting for prioritizing keyboard (rather than history input)
  • Other bug fixes

V2.14 2-27-2013

  • Added Google Maps app support with address link in memo of appointment detail view
  • Bug fix for Application Badge
  • Other bug fixes

V2.13 1-11-2013

  • Added Google Maps app support
  • Added Application Badge support
  • Improved performance
  • Other bug fixes


V2.12 12-8-2012

  • Bug fix of 12h/24h time format on time picker view on iOS6
  • Bug fix for force quit with Week view mode on iOS6
  • Bug fix for color edit with repeat appointment with Google Calendar sync
  • Other bug fixes


V2.11 10-11-2012

  • Improved stability on iOS6

V2.10 9-28-2012

  • Bug fix of time unit option for input setting
  • Added options of showing start time of appointment on Day view and Week view
  • Other bug fixes

V2.09 9-26-2012

  • Bug fix of Google Calendar sync does not end
  • iOS6 support
  • Other bug fixes


V2.08 9-3-2012

  • Added a workaround of ‘Server Error ’ during Google Calendar sync
  • Bug fix for showing memo on Task edit screen
  • Other bug fixes


V2.07 8-31-2012

  • Bug fix for incorrect order of timed appointment on Monthly view mode
  • Other bug fixes


V2.06 7-21-2012

  • Added conservative sync mode, which is a workaround of recent instabilities in Google Calendar
  • Added option to icons on appointment
  • Modified order of appointment on Monthly view mode
  • Other bug fixes

V2.05 6-19-2012

  • Bug fix for not open to today at the start of application
  • Bug fix for incorrect notification sync
  • Other bug fixes


V2.04 5-31-2012

  • Added icons on appointment that has memo, alarm and/or repeated
  • Modified appointment placement on day view mode
  • Added workaround of error code 410 with Google Calendar sync
  • Other bug fixes


V2.03 3-30-2012

  • Bug fix for showing appointments sync’d with Google Calendar in past
  • Bug fix for showing tasks even select to hide
  • Other bug fixes


V2.02 3-20-2012

  • Improve stability for large number of sync records
  • Other bug fixes


V2.01 3-11-2012

  • Update procedure during migration to new API setting
  • Bug fix for issue in editing History
  • Bug fix for - Added Task mode and Google Tasks sync
  • Other bug fixes


V2.00 3-3-2012

  • Added Task mode and Google Tasks sync
  • Added color coding with Google Calendar events
  • Added Color Theme feature
  • Added Color Theme send/receive features via Bluetooth
  • Added Color override setting for text color of Calendar
  • Re-design color select screen
  • Added series of icons for view mode select tool bar
  • Added option to switch the start position of drawing on Day view mode
  • Added 45minutes to the selection list for default appointment length
  • Added 0 minute to the selection list for default reminder time
  • Other bug fixes


V1.54 11-17-2011

  • Bug fix for shifting text position with iPhone3G and iPod Touch(2ndG)
  • Other bug fixes

V1.53 10-28-2011

  • Added function of importing appointment data from SaiSuke Free version
  • Other bug fixes

V1.52 10-21-2011

  • Added option to switch how to draw “Today” and “Day of cursor


V1.51 10-19-2011

  • Changed the way of drawing of “Today” and “Day of cursor” from painting whole background to drawing frame
  • Added remark for calendars in iOS Calendar on iOS5
  • Other bug fixes


V1.50 10-15-2011

  • iOS5 support
  • Added option to switch view mode when rotating the screen
  • Other bug fixes

V1.49 8-6-2011

  • Bug fix for database update error


V1.48 7-30-2011

  • Added option to limit the calendars selection as visible calendars at edit screen
  • Split weekday color setting to each day in weekday
  • Other bug fixes


V1.47 7-15-2011

  • Improved performance for Google Calendar sync
  • Added text alignment option for Month view mode
  • Other bug fixes


V1.46 7-7-2011

  • Improved performance and stability of Backup to Google Calendar
  • Other bug fixes


V1.45 6-12-2011

  • Minor bug fixes

V1.44 5-16-2011

  • Added new view style for Week view
  • Added Import/Export Setting Data
  • Added length 0(zero) minute option todefault length of appointment setting
  • Performance improves
  • Other bug fixes

V1.42 4-23-2011

  • Bug fixes in Google Calendar sync
  • Other bug fixes

V1.41 4-14-2011

  • Bug fixes in error handling
  • Other bug fixes


V1.40 3-20-2011

  • Added option for changing title for appointment color
  • Added local backup and restore
  • Added backup and restore with iTunes file share
  • Added option for default length of appointment
  • Added option for adding history at appointment edits
  • Other bug fixes


V1.39 2-6-2011

  • Bug fix for issue of same name calendars in iOS calendar
  • Added option to select display style of appointment in Month view
  • Other bug fixes


V1.38 1-26-2011

  • Added iOS calendar support for Search
  • Added option for search period
  • Added option to replace color for calendars
  • Added option to customize colors on calendar background, text, headers
  • Added option to disable shadow drawing in views
  • Other bug fixes


V1.37 12-8-2010

  • Bug fix for issues of appearing spinning icon on the center of screen with iOS3.1.3.


V1.36 12-1-2010

  • Bug fix for issues with iOS4.2.1
  • Other bug fixes


V1.35 11-17-2010

  • Bug fix for issue of editing repeated appointment with iPhone calendar
  • Bug fix for issue of Calendar Select setting for iPhone calendar
  • Other bug fixes


V1.34 9-21-2010

  • Added option to disable alarm with local notification
  • Other bug fixes


V1.32 9-21-2010

  • Added warning message for creating an appointment with a calendar, which is specified as invisible
  • Bug fix for issue of duplicated entries of shared calendar in Google Calendar
  • Changed default setting for the behavior at returning foreground process to ‘Immediately’


V1.31 7-31-2010

  • Added warning message for users who setup synchronization between iPhone Calendar and Google Calendar


V1.30 7-23-2010

  • Added iPhone default Calendar sync
  • Added Pass code Lock
  • Added Alarm with Local Notification
  • Moved setting screens to inside of the application
  • Adjusted range of font size setting. Smaller size can be selected
  • Added Multi-task support
  • Other bug fixes


V1.28 5-18-2010

  • Replaced Landscape Week view mode to Column format view
  • Added current time mark on Day view mode
  • Other bug fixes


V1.27 4-30-2010

  • Added work hours start and end time setting
  • Bug fix for inaccurate position of appointment in Day view mode
  • Bug fix for inaccurate drag & drop operation in Day view mode
  • Bug fix for removing Holiday
  • Bug fix for a case of wrong layout in appointment detail view

V1.26 4-23-2010

  • Added URL link in Memo
  • Added phone number detects and makes a call in Memo
  • Added Map link with Location
  • Added option for auto shift sync period monthly
  • Added option for scale in Day view
  • Modified screen orientation support, now all orientation are supported
  • Other bug fixes


V1.25 3-22-2010

  • Bug fix for not update appointment appearance after modifying appointment with drag & drop operation in Day view mode.
  • Improve smoothness for drag & drop operation in Day view mode
  • Added option for not showing the pop up list view in Month view mode
  • Added option for previous version’s toolbar, which stays at the bottom of screen


V1.24 3-20-2010

  • Bug fix for not syncing repeated appointment that was created in SaiSuke


V1.23 3-18-2010

  • Bug fix for unstable sync process
  • Added the paste button on the full items edit screen

V1.22 3-16-2010

  • Bug fix for a bug, which overwrite appointments within new sync period


V1.21 3-14-2010

  • Added option for screen orientation mode
  • Bug fix for incorrect display of appointment in Day View mode
  • Bug fix for Week view mode with 6 or 5 days in week setting


V1.20 3-10-2010

  • Re-design screen layout
  • Added Landscape screen layout
  • Improved application load time
  • Added option for start day of the week in Year view mode
  • Bug fix for inaccurate “Jump to Today” operation in List view mode
  • Added option for sort order of Search result listing
  • Added option for sync frequency
  • Added option for initial mode of new appointment creation
  • Other bug fixes


V1.15 10-8-2009

  • Bug fix for editing repeat appointment


V1.14 9-27-2009

  • Added new operation scheme
    (1) ‘Quick Create’ is the default operation of ADD button
    (2) Open the appointment when it is selected, operations can be selected at the detail screen of the appointment
  • Bug fix for week numbering in 2010
  • Other bug fixes

V1.13 8-13-2009

  • Bug fix for sync with repeat appointment
  • Bug fix for date formatting in Portuguese
  • Other bug fixes


V1.12 7-25-2009

  • Added option for sort order of input history
  • Bug fix for editing input history
  • Bug fix for default notification setting for an appointment with Google calendar


V1.11 7-15-2009

  • iPhone OS 3.0 compatible
  • Added multiple notifications support for an appointment with Google calendar
  • Added option for default notification type for an appointment with Google calendar
  • Added option for increment of minute in time edits
  • Added operation of double tap in Week view, which can be either “switch to Day view” or “create new appointment”
  • Added operation of double tap in Day view, which returns to previous view mode
  • Changed option of “Automatic Login” at launch program to option of “Automatic Sync” at launch program
  • Some bug fixes

V1.10 3-23-2009

  • Redesigned Detail screen of appointment
  • Added operation of double tap in Month view, which can be either “switch to Day view” or “create new appointment”
  • Added option for default type of appointment
  • Added option for default calendar - Added calendar color in calendar list views


V1.09 3-3-2009

  • Corrected an issue of sync error


V1.08 2-20-2009

  • Corrected an issue of showing repeated appointment in SaiSuke Calendar
  • Corrected an issue of Brazil time zone
  • Corrected an issue of notification update with repeated appointment in Google Calendar (Full version only)


V1.07 2-13-2009

  • Added operation of create, edit and delete repeat appointments in Google Calendar (Full version only)
  • Added options for Search Function
  • Changed the view mode change menu to buttons
  • Added time zone setting for Australia region

V1.06 12-17-2008

  • Added an option to select fixed time zone for SaiSuke
  • Added an option to select the initial day of launch of SaiSuke
  • Added an option to select the initial view mode of launch of SaiSuke
  • Corrected an issue of conflicting Calendar Names in Google calendar
  • Added operations of editing an appointment time in Day view with dragging
  • Added Today button on “Move to” screen
  • Added operation of editing and deleting an appointment in repeated appointments

V1.05 11-26-2008
  • Redesigned icons on tool bar
  • Corrected an issue of drawing an appointment that extends into over 3months in Month view
  • Changed behavior as to delete the calendar and appointments in the calendar that had been deleted in Google Calendar
  • Corrected some issues of drawing repeated appointments.

V1.04 11-06-2008
  • Added style option for appointment appearance
  • Added "Edit" in operation menu
  • Added Full screen option in Month View
  • Corrected an issue of shifting All day appointment when the system time zone is changed

V1.03 10-21-2008
  • Redesigned icon
  • Added an option to select to show status of communication to Google Calendar
  • Modified appointment display style in Month view
  • Corrected 12H display format in Day view time scale
  • Corrected an issue of enabling Color change in Google Calendar to SaiSuke

V1.02 10-4-2008
  • Corrected ordering appointments in Month view
  • Added options for Background Color of Day
  • Added options for Color Scheme
  • Added style options for appointment appearance
  • Added font size options for each view
  • Added Quick create new appointment feature
  • Added Search feature
  • Corrected an issue with displaying appointment that has zero time length
  • Added pre-defined colors select step in appointment editing
  • Corrected repeat appointment appearance pattern problem that appears at the same day of week of the first day of the month
  • Added option for auto login at launch of program
  • Corrected appearance problem of Holiday in Year view
  • Added option to select the size of buffer for communication between Google Calendar
  • Corrected date format for Europe region in Week view
  • Stability improvement

V1.01 9-14-2008
  • Synchronizing algorithm change. Sync only the events that updated after the last sync operation
  • Added an option to specify the synchronizing period
  • Added new View mode, List view
  • Added move to dialog by touching the title of views
  • Memory usage refine to reduce memory consumption, which contributes stable operation.

V1.00 9-8-2008
  • New Development


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