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SaiSuke for iPhone User's Manual



Welcome to SaiSuke! SaiSuke is schedule management software for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

SaiSuke has various view modes allowing you to see your calendars in a daily, weekly, or yearly views. You can get a perspective schedule for the month using the monthly view, which allows you to see appointment titles in a monthly styled calendar.

When creating and editing an appointment you can select a type from a list of previously entered titles. SaiSuke holds titles and locations that you have previously used without the need to re-type them.

Synchronize with Google Calendars:
SaiSuke database can be synchronized with Google Calendar. You can modify events in your Google Calendar via wireless.

Calendar styles and font sizes can be customized so your calendars look the way you want them too.

Easy operation:
You can use the flick gesture to move to the next or previous month’s pages. Allowing you to easily browse your schedule with your thumb.

Enjoy happy iPhone/iPod Touch life with SaiSuke!

SaiSuke will not synchronize with iPhone Calendar database, because Apple does not disclose the interface to the database.

DO NOT delete the old version of SaiSuke on your iPhone or iPod Touch, as this will erase any data you have entered.

When you upgrading, please install the update over the existing installation. You can buck up the data by 'Buckup' function in SaiSuke to recover from unexpected data loss.



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