I do not understand how to setup Google Calendar Synchronization

Tap Settings Button at the upper right and open Setting Dialog. Select Google Sync Setting.

Turn on Synchronize and input Google Account ID and Password.

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An appointment that was created in SaiSuke would not be synchronized to Google Calendar.

Tap Settings Button at the upper right and open Setting Dialog. Select Google Sync Setting -> Calendar Update Setting.

Change Sync option to either '2-ways' or 'iPad to Google Only'.

Also, please make sure that your appointment has one of your Google Calendars that you want to sync with. If your appointment has 'SaiSuke Calendar', the appointment will not be synchronized with Google Calendar.

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Can I set a reminder?

No, you cannot. iOS does not provide an application to setup a reminder. However, we can use notification mechanism in Google Calendar. If you setup SMS notification in Google Calendar, you can setup a reminder in an appointment. Then you will receive SMS from Google Server at the time. Please keep in your mind that the SMS message is not guarantied to delivered at the time.

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Can I sync with Microsoft Outlook?

Yes, you can. You can install Google Calendar Sync tool that is provided by Google to sync with Outlook. Once the appointments in Outlook are uploaded to Google Calendar, you can access to the appointments in SaiSuke.

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Can I sync with iCal?

Yes, you can. You can setup CalDAV protocol with iCal to synchronize between iCal and Google Calendar. Once the appointments in iCal are uploaded to Google Calendar, you can access to the appointments in SaiSuke.

Google Calendar Help Center

*As Apple does not disclose the API information to manipulate the Calendar Application in iPad, SaiSuke does not support direct synchronization.

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I can't change the color of appointment

An appointment that in a Google Calendar is displayed with the color of the Google Calendar. You cannot change it in SaiSuke.

You can change the color of appointment when you select SaiSuke native calendar, 'SaiSuke Calendar'.

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Can I change the synchronize period?

At Version1.00, the period is fixed with the current visible one month.

Version1.01 and later has an option to specify the period. Also modified the sync algorithm to update only the appointments that were updated after the last sync operation. This change contributes to reduce data traffic and time to sync.

Once you changed the sync period, the first sync process will check all of the appointments in the period, so that the process may take up to few minutes to complete. Please make sure the radio strength and battery are enough to complete the process before to start the first sync.

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Is there a feature to jump to a date?

Yes, Touch the title area to open the dialog. Select the desired date to jump and push Move to button.

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Do you distribute holiday data for SaiSuke?

There are Public Holiday Calendars for various countries in Google Calendar. After you add those Holiday Calendars to your calendar, they can be synchronized in SaiSuke as well.

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I get crash repeatedly after updated SaiSuke

Please turn off iPad and reboot. Here is the steps,

  • Return to Home screen of iPad
  • Push sleep button on top and hold for few seconds
  • Slide the switch on confirmation view to continue to power off
  • Turn your iPad on
  • Launch SaiSuke

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I get crash when I try to create an appointment after updated SaiSuke and/or iOS

Please initialize SaiSuke setting

  • Select 'Setting' in Home screen, then Select 'SaiSuke'

  • Select 'All Reset' and 'Reset Setting Only'
  • Return to iPad Home screen

  • Launch SaiSuke
  • Select 'Reset' at the confirmation

Check the create new appointment is working, then go to SaiSuke Setting from Home screen to setup user setting.

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I get crash repeatedly even initialize setting data or reboot iPad.

Please re-install SaiSuke with following steps.

  • Connect iPad to iTunes, then select the device on iTunes
  • Open application page. You should find list of your application software
  • Remove check mark from SaiSuke, and press "Sync" button at the right bottom of iTunes. This operation will uninstall SaiSuke from iPad

  • Reboot iPad with the same instruction with A.10 above.
    (This is important to make sure the installation)
  • After boot up iPad, connect iPad to iTunes again
  • Restore the check mark on the application page, and press "Sync" button, this will install SaiSuke.

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Sync with Google Calendar takes more than hours or never finish.

Some times, Google calendar does not response to the request from out side of Google Server so that the sync will be blocked by one of the calendars.

If you setup multiple Google Calendars to sync, please try to enable only one calendar to sync and disable all the other calendars for test purpose.

If you identify the calendar that blocking the sync, please leave it sync disabled for a while and try it again later.

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I get an error message, "Error Code:403" during sync.

The meaning of the error is failing to authenticate the account access.

  • Please double check the login ID and password. The login ID must be the entire Gmail address, such as "XXXXX@gmail.com".
  • If the ID and password are correct, please initialize the setting with the steps at Q.11

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