SaiSuke for iPhone Release History


V2.00 7-28-2012

  • Added New Design mode
  • Added Task mode and Google Tasks sync
  • Added color coding with Google Calendar events
  • Added 2 step authentication for Google login
  • Added Color Theme feature
  • Added Template feature
  • Added Photo view
  • Added No margin view layout
  • Added Message Bar


V1.14 10-27-2011

  • iOS5 support
  • Added option to switch the way of drawing of “Today” and “Day of cursor”
  • Added remark for calendars in iOS Calendar on iOS5
  • Other bug fixes


V1.13 8-3-2011

  • Bug fix for database update error


V1.12 7-26-2011

  • Bug fixes in repeated appointment sync with Google Calendar
  • Improved performance and stability of Backup to Google Calendar
  • Other bug fixes


V1.11 3-2-2011
  • Added iTunes file share for local file back up.
  • More stability
  • Other bug fixes


V1.10 2-26-2011
  • Added iOS default Calendar access
  • Added Pass code Lock
  • Added Alarm with Local Notification
  • Added Multi-task support
  • Added option for search period
  • Added option to replace color for calendars
  • Added option to customize colors for calendars
  • Added option to select display style of appointment in Month view
  • Added option to set default length of appointment
  • Added option to select not to add history
  • Other bug fixes


V1.02 7-28-2010

  • Added an option to turn off second zone in the world clock
  • More stability
  • Other bug fixes


V1.01 6-21-2010

  • Added world clock
  • Added an option to switch all screen in Month view mode
  • Added an option to show start time of appointment in Month view mode
  • Moved setting of SaiSuke from common area to inside SaiSuke application
  • Other bug fixes


V1.00 5-31-2010

  • Ported to iPad platform based on iPhone version 1.28
  • Added Daily memo


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