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Paste an Appointment

Calendar select

Select calendars to show


Google Login Account
Calendar update settings

Time zone setting

Holiday setting

Edit typed words

About SaiSuke
Jump to Today Move current view to today
Search Search appointment
Sync Synchronization with Google Calendar
Memo edit Edit daily memo

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Create, Paste an Appointment

Create New Appointment

The calendar that selected at the last edit will be set as the Default Calendar

Create new appointment with full properties

Can paste an Appointment if there is copied appointment

Quick Create New Appointment

One step create new Appointment

Can paste an Appointment if there is copied appointment

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Calendar Show/Hide select

Show ON : the Calendar will be shown
Show OFF : the Calendar will be hidden

'SaiSuke Calendar' is native Calendar that stored in iPad.

The other calendars will appear when Google Calendar synchronization is setup 'd

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Google Calendar sync Setting

Select Google Sync Setting in Setting

Setting for Google Calendar Synchronization
  • Synchronization ON/OFF switch
  • Switch to enable/disable to sync at every single edit of appointment
  • Switch to enable/disable to login automatically at the launch of SaiSuke
  • Switch to enable/disable to show sync status
  • Communication Buffer size option. Please set Large unless you are getting 'Low memory warning' in operation of SaiSuke

Google Account
  • User ID
  • Password

Select synchronization option

Specify the synchronization period

Monthly Auto Shift ON/OFF setting

2-Ways Synchronize both your Google Calendar and iPad SaiSuke
1-Way Google to iPad Synchronize only your Google Calendar to iPad SaiSuke
(Download only)
1-Way iPad to Google Synchronize only your iPad SaiSuke to Google Calendar
(Upload only)
No synchronize Do not synchronize

Execute the Synchronization when the Sync button touched

When you change the synchronization period, all of the sync 'd time will be reset. The first synchronization will check all of the appointments in the period, which may take up to few minutes.

Sync frequency can be selected as needed

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Appointments in 'SaiSuke Calendar' and History Words will be backup' d as a Google Calendar

Each time when Backup is executed, new dedicate calendar will be created in Google Calendar.
The calendar name will be 'SaiSuke Backup yy/mm/dd HH:MM'

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Restore Back up data in the selected calendar

Current Appointments in 'SaiSuke Calendar'
will be all overwritten

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Timezone select

Select the timezone in SaiSuke.

If you select 'Use iPad's Local time zone', SaiSuke takes the local time zone in iPad's setting



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Set/Remove Holiday

The date background color will be light red as well as weekend

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Edit History words

Words history at Title and Location in Appointment Edit
  • Modify words
  • Add words
  • Remove words
  • re-ordering

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Input Setting


  • Max number of History Words to hold.
  • Sort order of History Words
  • Default event type for creating event
  • Unit for minute in appointment edit
  • Default reminder type
  • Default reminder time
  • Operation mode
  • Default appointment create mode

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Change View mode

List View Setting
  • Font size for Appointment
  • Style for appearance of Appointment
Day View Setting
  • Max number of All day appointment to show on Day View.
  • Font size for Appointment
  • Work hours starts
  • Work hours ends
  • Zoom level
Week View Setting
  • Start day of week in the week
  • Number of days in a week
  • Font size for Appointment
  • Select the acton double tap on date cell
  • Max number of All day appointment to show on Week View.
  • Zoom Level


Month View Setting
  • Start day of week in the Month
  • Font size for Month view area
  • Switch On/Off display start time in Month view area
  • Font size for Appointment in the List view area
  • Style for appearance of Appointment in the List view area
  • Select the acton double tap on date cell
Year View Setting
  • Start day of week in the Month

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Color Setting

Color Setting
  • Background Color for a day

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General Settings

General Setting
  • Screen orientation mode
  • Default date when SaiSuke starts
  • Default view mode when SaiSuke starts
  • Font size in Editing View
  • Font size in Memo view
  • Speed for Animation
  • Delete Appointment Confirmation

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Setting world clock

  • Time zones for World Clock

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Edit Tool Bar Buttons

Edit Tool Bar buttons order.

Buttons in 'Always appear' group remain in screen all the time.

Buttons in 'Appear as needed' group be available when you tap button.

This order is effective with flexible Tool Bar mode

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About SaiSuke

Show Version Information of SaiSuke

You can open our support home page by pressing "Open Support Page" button

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Search Appointment

Search Appointments that has the keyword

The search subject can be selectable in the Option page.


Search Options

Search Subject

Select Title, Location and Memo for searching. Also you can select calendar for searching.

Search Result

Select maximum records(Up to 20, 40, 60, 100)
Select Sort key (Date/Time, Title, Location, Memo)
Select Sort Order Ascendent/Descendent

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